Mummy At 72

12 Jul 2020, Posted by FAA in Updates

Happy Birthday Mummy G.O

As we celebrate our Mother-In-Israel at 72, may the Lord Almighty grant her the grace to grow more in Wisdom, Anointing and Strength.

Please post all celebratory birthday messages for Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye, Mummy GO, below.

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Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye

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Pastor Folu Adeboye

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Pastor Folu Adeboye

Thank you!

  • Happy birthday mummy and grandma. Thank you ma, for being a mum we can be proud of. Thank you for always teaching and leading us in the right direction and loving us so dearly. My family and I pray for you ma, your latter days shall be brighter and more glorious than the former in Jesus name. Your life will continue to show the light of Christ in Jesus name and you will not miss Heaven, our goal in Jesus name.

    Happy birthday mum.

    • oluwasegun femi

      Glory to Jesus

  • oluwasegun femi

    Happy Birthday mummy… May the God of Adeboye bless you , increase you, strengthen you and elongate your life…

    When you will be celebrating 100 years we will all be alive to celebrate you ma.
    I love you very much mummy

    • Temilola Olayemi

      Happy birthday to our
      mummy ,mother in lsreal long life and prosperity, God will increase your strength in Jesus name. Age with sufficient Grace ma.

  • Sayrah Adediran

    Happy birthday mummy
    Thank you for all your love and support
    May God continue to increase you
    May your anointing never run dry
    Thank you for leaving a legacy for us to follow
    God bless you greatly
    Happy birthday ma!!!!!!
    I love you ❤️

  • RIA
  • Mofolasayo Ahmed

    The Lord will uphold you, He will surprise you, as your days are so shall your strength be, your new year will be extremely glorious, you will not bury your present, you will not bury your future, the Lord will cause His face to continually shine on you, your light will not go dim, the Lord Himself will celebrate you and give you a pleasant birthday gift that money can not buy, you will finish well, you will finish loud, you will finish strong in Jesus mighty name Amen. Happy birthday your excellency ma. Congratulations grandma

  • Olubisi olufemi

    Happy birthday to our dearest mother, MGO, may you continue to waxote stronger in good health and long life in Jesus mighty name.
    Happy birthday to you maaaaaaaaa.


    Happy birthday to you mummy, I wish you long life and prosperity, more grace to run this race, more strength, more anointing and more love.
    Have a wonderful year ma. You are loved

  • RIA

    Happy birthday Mummy.
    You’ll live long in good health and sound mind in Jesus name.
    Many glorious returns as Jesus tarried.
    The Almighty God will help you to finished and finished strong.
    Mega blessings ma.

    From Pastor and A/Pastor Mike S Adewumi,
    Redeemer’s International Academy, Ifewara, Osun state

  • Revivalist Reagan Nswana

    Happy birthday mummy we love you may the Lord continue to you and add may he add more years your life in Jesus Name. We love you

  • Sholanke Dayo

    Happy birthday mummy. May the Lord Almighty continue to strengthen you ma and keep you going higher to fulfill His plans for you ma. We love you mummy!

  • Funmilayo Idowu

    Happy Birthday Mummy
    Thank you for all the teaching. Thank you for being a mother indeed. The grace of the Lord will always be with you. May you live long and you will live to reap the fruit of your labour in Jesus name. You will not miss heaven in Jesus name. Amen

    Happy Birthday Mummy

  • Ojei Uku-oritsemofe

    Happy birthday mummy G.O, may the oil of gladness never cease from your life and family. May the anointing of God continuing to be upon your life, the strength and grace to run th the race till the end and on that great day may you be in heaven at last in Jesus. Happy birthday ma

  • Itohan

    Happy birthday
    Happy prosperous birthday Grandma,
    Thank you for all you do, thank you for your sacrifices and prayers, thank you for your positive impact and influence in my life & generation, thank you so much for the hospitality….God bless you Mom.
    I pray that this new year shall be your year of increase….. increase in anointing, your oil will never run dry,the Lord will perfect all that concerns you, and grant all your heart desires in Jesus name. Amen
    Many happy returns…..
    I’m so happy to be called your daughter.
    I love you Mom ❤️
    God loves you More.

  • Olasehinde Oluwagbenga Timothy

    Happy birthday to the best Mummy,
    May the LORD almighty keep you and answer all your prayers more day by day in Jesus Name.
    Mummy your children are saying happy birthday ma,
    Mummy we love you so much ma
    Mummy you are a blessing to us oooo
    God bless you and be with you in Jesus Name.

  • Olaade Olaoluwa Caleb

    It’s such a beautiful feeling to have such a mother figure that explains what love is all about
    You could take a quality time and explore her in and out
    And no matter how hard you search, your can never find any trace of evil or negativity.
    All you will ever find is beauty, purity, love in huge quality and lots of quantity.

    And the understanding that o share the same month with you Mum, is one of the best feelings that ever lingered on my heart.
    I pray for more of God’s abundant Grace Mummy. I pray for more of God’s Wisdom to deal well amongst crafty men. I pray for more strength to stay fit during this trying time. I pray for more of God and less of men.

    Mummy, no matter how great you already are, you will never know a better yesterday in Jesus Name. May the Lord keep you on an upward, persistent and unstoppable scale of Greatness in Jesus Name.

    Happy Birthday Maami
    Happy Birthday Grandma

    I Love you always Mum!

  • Awobusuyi Tobi

    Happy birthday Mummy Go we love you ma the lord bless your new age, in good health, wealth, joy, and strength in all ramifications of your life in Jesus name amen

  • Taiwo Ibidapo

    What can I say to describe a mother sent to this generation and ordained to take care of both known and unknown people without expecting anything in return?
    Mama, your spec is rare and your heart is genuine.
    Thank you for being there for Daddy GO always.
    You gave and you’re still giving; what an addict in giving you are mama.

    If I begin to count what God has used to do in my life, my wife’s and everyone i know, we won’t leave here mama.

    You will live longer in good health and many more Children (Great Grand) will surround your table.

    Lest I forget, mama only needs to meet you once and you would be shocked your name already sticks to her head and she would call you by that name when next she meets you.

    What a gift to the world!
    What a gift to the Church!
    What a gift to Daddy GO!
    What a gift to RCCG!
    What a gift to we her children!

    Hurray at 72!

    My wife, Hadassah and I says Happy birthday Mummy GO

    Taiwo & Dara Ibidapo

  • Oyebode Oluwamayowa

    Today, the host of heaven celebrates an excellent woman who has done well. Today the whole world celebrates a virtuous woman and today i celebrate a role model and mother. Amongst all thou has done excellently well. Happy birthday mummy, God bless you and keep you , you grow stronger and stronger in the name of Jesus. Happy birthday Mummy

  • Emmanuel E Ikediashi
  • Bankole Mofe

    Happy birthday Grandma!!!
    You’re an inspiration
    I love you so much

  • Odofin Oluwasegun

    Happy birthday Mummy G O, you have been a wonderful wife, friend, partner, the missing rib of our father, Ẹ pé fún wa ní orúkọ Jésù. Í appreciate you Pastor Mrs Foluke Adenike Adeboye. Mummy ó ó ó wà pé láyé, Mummy ó ó ó wà jẹun ọmọ, ẹni ba ni kò ní ru bẹ Jésù má deal pé lu wọn. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA.

  • Odofin Oluwasegun
  • Morenikeji O’Damilola Adetola

    If your husband can be this great, then we should give you praise, cos a good wife is worthy to be praised. Your efforts over us your children too, deserves you to be called ‘blessed’. In this new age mummy, may the heavens be open over you in a new dimension, may you live long to harvest your seeds; in good health. Your relevance is preserved in Jesus’name. It’s a blessing to call you mother, happy birthday ma. Love you mama.

  • Odofin Oluwasegun

    July children are special children, my birthday is on Thursday 16th

  • Ayomide David

    Happy Birthday Ma

  • Abiodun Grace

    I just love your humility
    Happy birthday ma, may God continue to strengthen you in Jesus name.

  • Adekunle Israel

    May God bless and honour you in all facets.

    Happy birthday, MGO.

  • Medunoye Oluwaseyifunmi

    Happy Birthday Grandma.
    God bless you ma for been a wonderful mother to me.
    Thank you for the love.
    Thank for been a great impact to me and this generation.
    I pray for you that may you live long to reap the fruit of your labour in Jesus name. You will never have a better yesterday.
    God will surprise you this new year of yours. Wishing you long life and prosperity in Good health.
    72 looks good on you, ever young mama.

    I love you forever Mummy.

  • Tosin Raji

    Mummy Folu Adeboye

    A mother!
    My mother!
    My role model!
    Humility personified!
    Glowed by grace!!

    Strength to finish well
    Strength to finish strong

    Strength like never before I pray the good Lord grant you mummy♥️♥️

    My heart prays for you ma’am??‍♀️♥️♥️♥️

  • Oyelade Bukunmi

    Happy birthday to you Mummy, you shall celebrate many more years in Jesus name

  • Ayodele idowu

    Happy birthday mommy
    God bless your new age ma.
    More grace and anointing
    More closer walk with God this year.
    We love you

    Ema pé fun wa oo
    #iya nii wura
    #virtuous woman

  • Adewuyi tayo

    Happy birthday mummy
    Thank you for being a blessing to us.
    Thank you for teaching us to love.
    Thank you for teaching us to pray.
    Thank you for all you do for the kingdom.
    Thank you for being Daddy’s SPEC!

    We love you much than we can express.
    I pray God grants you all your heart desires today, and takes you on a deeper walk with him.

    Happy birthday Mummy.

  • Anyim Emmanuel Kelechi

    Happy birthday Mummy
    What a gift you are to us, I am glad I know a wonderful mother like you ma, an epitome of beauty and a role model to our generation. Thank you mummy for all you have done and still doing in the junior church, mummy we are grateful for your love towards us in NYAYA, PSF and in the church in general….
    Mummy God bless you ma and keep you for us, we love you endless ma

  • Victoria Akhibi

    Mummy as you celebrate today,may the host of heaven celebrate you,wish you many more years to celebrate.
    Happy Super birthday ma.

  • Okunlola Ola

    Happy birthday ma. More strength, more grace, more anointing in Jesus name. Amen

  • Ibukunolu Williams

    Happy birthday to my precious Mother in Lord, Mummy Folu Adeboye. I celebrate you today as a great encourager and role model in Ministry and Missions.
    We rise up today to join your biological children to declare you are blessed.
    We love you Mum and thank you for your support over the years even as we celebrate todayv 21years of arrival in Australia on our first Missionary Journey.
    Thank you for all you do to be a great help meet and cheerleader for our Daddy GO.
    God bless you Mum. May the Lord continue to strengthen you, increase your wisdom and grant you many more happy years in Jesus name. You shall finish well and strong, and shall not miss your rewards, crowns and commendations in the face of Jesus.
    We Love you,
    Your number1 Aussie Family,
    Ibukunolu and Shalewa Williams

  • Agbede Oluwakemmy

    You are blessed on every side ma, more Grace and fresh Anointing ma.

  • Momoola Bobade

    Happy birthday mummy, as you have added another year, it shall be all round blessing, this month,God will perfect everything concerning you, mummy you reap the fruit of your labour, happy birthday mummy once Again, you are blessed❤

  • Adeoti Folashade

    Happy birthday Mummy. Thanks for being a blessing to this generation. More grace ma

  • Omowunmi Oluwakemi

    Happy birthday Mummy, may Almighty God grant you the grace to finish well and strong in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Blessing Tomide


  • Tymas Seun

    Happy birthday mummy
    Thank you for your love and blessings
    God bless you abundantly

  • oyelowo afolake owoyemi

    Happy birthday mummy,
    I blessed the name of The Lord upon your life, family, ministry particular the one of our father in The Lord Daddy G O and we too your spiritual children’s. I pray this day 72 birthday that your anointing will never Never never dry In Jesus Name Amen. U will finished strong and divine uplifting from lock down to lipping up higher stay bless and more blessing mummy. From your Triplet Tp

  • Damilola

    Happy birthday Mommy.

    Thank you for being a support to Daddy. As Daddy has said, you are his greatest gift in his life after the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for being a virtuous woman indeed. Cheers to greater heights onwards in Jesus name. Amen Mommy ??

  • Ojelabi Oluwasegun

    Happy birthday grandma
    Thank you for all the love.. You are indeed a blessing to us

  • Nicholas Abioye

    Happy birthday mummy, Age with Grace and more Anointing.

  • David Adeshina Kasali

    Happy Birthday ma, may the Lord continue to keep you for us. More anointing and grace Ma

  • Fayehun Favour

    God Almighty will elongate ur life, perfect everything concerning you ijn, strengthen you, anoint you afresh to do greater exploit ijn, your visions shall be fulfilled, you won’t bury any of us, may God use you more this year nd years to come ijn nd may you finish well… Love you mummy

  • Abiodun Soniyi

    Happy birthday Mummy, May the Lord continue to enlarge your coast ma. I so much celebrate you and what the Lord is doing through you for our generation. Thank you mummy and God bless you. ♥️


    Happy Birthday Mummy.
    Thank you for being a great mother to us and a godly example. We appreciate God’s goodness over your life. May you live long and continually flourish. We your children shall be sources of joy to you and the kingdom.
    We acknowledge all your sacrifices to ensure we find expression in God’s house.
    We love you mummy.


    The Lord shall increase your greatness and comfort you on every sides in this your new year in Jesus name. Mummy I love you. Many happy returns ????????????? ??????

  • Peace Agba

    Happy birthday to you mummy! More Grace, Strength and anointing and above all Heaven at Last in Jesus name.

  • Michael Oluwaseyi Adeyemi

    Happy birthday Mummy
    Wishing you amazing and blissful year in Jesus name(Amen). Many happy returns mummy. GRACIAS…

  • Omolara Otegbade

    Happy Birthday Beloved Mummy. Thank you for saying yes to the Lord. Thank you for all you mean to me and the entire world. Thanks for being a vessel unto honor ever ready for the master’s use. I celebrate you Mama and pray that you continue to soar from strength to strength, from glory to glory, grace to grace. The Lord will prolong your relevance and you will remain the joy of many generations in Jesus mighty name. Great shall be your peace and you will finish strong in Jesus mighty name. Many glorious happy returns ma.

  • Seun Adebowale

    Happy birthday Mummy,
    Thank you for your love and compassion. I love and honour your ma. Mummy, may this new season of life bring you fresh strength and greater zeal to do greater works ma in Jesus name. Amen.
    Happy Happy Birthday Mummy.

  • Arike Olugbemi

    Happy Birthday to A MOTHER IN ISREAL INDEED! You are truly favoured and forever blessed amongst women. Wishing you a most glorious day today and always ma.

    Igba Odun….Odun Kan!

    As your days are…so shall be your strength In Jesus Name. Amen

  • Olanrewaju Adebiyi

    All glory, honour and majesty to the Lord for giving our mummy the privilege to celebrate another year. The
    Lord will continue to uphold and strengthen you mummy. He will satisfy you with long life in sweet health. You will eat more and more of the fruits of your earthly labour, and you will not miss your reward in heaven.
    Happy and blessed birthday ma.??

  • uche joy

    Happy birthday mummy, you are a living example worth emulating. I pray that God almighty Continue to bless you for us, and keep you strong. I LOVE YOU MA??♥️❤️♥️❤️

  • Lagunju Kehinde

    Happy birthday Mummy, wishing you long life and prosperity, many many more years to come in good health and I pray that Almighty God will grant all your heart desires… More anointing ijn.. Thank you very much for being a great mother… I LOVE YOU??

  • OyebanjoOpeyemi

    Happy Super Birthday to a Super mother and grandmother. We love you loads Mummy. Heaven will satisfy you with good health and strength for the rest of your days Love ♥️ you ma.

  • Harbee

    Happy Birthday Mummy
    You’re mother of many. And we’re glad to have you as our mum
    May you forever remain in the presence of our heavenly father
    You won’t fail at the end ma, no evil will come your dwelling place in Jesus name
    Joy unending, happiness unending, testimony unending, that’s what shall be your testimony in Jesus name
    Halleluyah will forever be your song in Jesus name.

  • Tolulope O

    Happy Birthday to our Mother In Israel. To our Amieable, Virtuous Mother, God shall continue to add beauty to all that you touch. I pray for strength and honour, Heaven at last for you Mama.

  • Prince Adeyemi

    *Happy Wonderful Birthday to you My Mommy in the Lord and Mother in Israel. More Strength and Anointing in Abundance IJN. Amen!!! Congratulations to you Ma._*

  • olayinka

    Happy Birthday Mummy.. You’re indeed a mother of many nations. May God continue to keep you and may He continue to satisfy you

  • kenter Davidson ubugh

    God bless you, without you standing by our father in the Lord. His ministry might have malfunctioned, Happy prosperous birthday

  • Egbekunle Alabi

    Mummy, as you celebrate another year today, the Lord will continue to bless, renew, empower and release fresh anointing and grace to finish the race strong. Congratulations!

  • Ogunyanju Victor Iyanuoluwa

    Happy Mummy Folu Adeboye. Thanks for being a blessing to many nation. I pray Almighty God will renew your strength the more. Once again Happy birthday to you Ma.

  • Janet shodipo

    Happy birthday to you ma God bless your new age more fruitful years ahead in Jesus name congratulations .

  • Akinkuade Helen

    Happy birthday to our mother, sweet shall be the remaining of your years ma, the the Lord grant your gracious requests, lines shall continually fall in places for you, age gracefully ma.

  • Folasade Sotubo

    Our mummy in Israel, the strong pillar beside our Daddy, blessed are you among women and blessed shall you continually be in Jesus name.Amen. congratulations mum

  • Adebunmi

    Happy birthday Mummy Folu Adeboye, thanks for being a blessing to us. I wish you many more amazing years in Jesus name. Amen

  • Taiwo Oluwafemi Oyeleye

    Happy birthday to our own mother in Israel, the good God will continually be with you ma…..You will live long for us ma. We love you our own mother, grandmother and great grandmother

  • Toba Segun

    HAPPY birthday mummy,you will live to fulfill the eternal counsel of your maker. We love you.

  • We celebrate God in your life our dear mother in Israel. It is our prayer that you will continue to go from glory to glory, strength to strength in Jesus name. You will not know a better yesterday, you shall finish well and strong in Jesus name. Happy birthday mummy

  • Bamidele Oyekanmi

    Happy birthday to you ma. May you continue to grow in strength, wisdom and God’s grace in Jesus name. Igba odun odun kan ma.

  • RCF unilorin

    Happy birthday Mummy, I love you ma

  • Folu Odukoya

    Happy birthday mummy many many more years in Jesus name. You will live very long in good health, perfect joy and in fulfilment of God’s purpose. You will not be alive as if you’re not. You will receive rewards of crowns and your last days on earth will count for heaven in Jesus name.
    Folu Odukoya
    Rccgft Canvey Island

  • Daniel Omole

    To my very own spiritual mother and our mother in Israel…I wish you the very best as you celebrate this special day. Mum, Happy birthday to you. You are blessed beyond all ramifications and experience increase in all aspects. I pray that the Lord will uphold you and bless every work of your hands, you live long in good health, wealth and peace of mind. Cheers to a new age and a new beginning. Keep shining ma?

  • Oluwatosin Ifelaja Temitope

    Happy birthday to you mummy, as you add a year to your years today the Lord Almighty will continue to uphold and sustain you, your home, ministry and health in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Ezekiel Olanipekun Horluwarshe

    Happy birthday to our mother in Israel. Woman full of God’s favour and instructions, woman full of God’s wisdom, woman full of knowledge of God almighty, woman of all nations
    ….. We celebrate you because you are one in a millions. More grace to function, more anointing to keep the kingdom of God open and above all you will not miss heaven.
    Happy birthday ma.

  • Paul Ejiegbu

    Happy birthday anniversary Mummy among mummies. You have worn the armour thus far. Your strength shall never abate neither shall your vision grow dim. The grace to radiate in joy unspeakable when you put off the armour shall be renewed and multiplied to you in Jesus’ name. In these remaining years, Mummy, your eyes shall not behold corruption in Jesus’ name. Amen. https://media2.giphy.com/media/DeM91Xz9RZ8GI/giphy.gif

  • Festus Fortune Emmanuel

    Happy birthday to you mummy, thank you for been super amazing to us your children in Cluj-Napoca, Romania??????, wishing you more grace, more divine strength, more anointing ma and God’s blessings .

    Cheers mum, From RCCG CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA ????

  • Odunayo Fayigbe-Olarewaju

    Happy birthday to my dear mummy of mummies. We cherish you and appreciate your kind of person ma.

  • Seyi Olusore

    Happy Birthday Mummy. May the good Lord continuity manifest His strength, mercy and favour upon your life, as your days are, so shall your strength be in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen
    I love you ma.

  • Ibirogba Adebisi

    Happy birthday ma

  • Emmanuel K Ojo

    Happy birthday to you ma. may God Almighty continue to uphold you ma, more Grace to continue and finish strong in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  • John Teniola Pastor

    Happy Birthday Mummy.
    You’re mothers to millions and by His grace we’re gretful to have you as our mum. You are loving, caring and compationate.
    May you live long in peace, harmony and tranquility to enjoy the fruits of your
    much deserved labour and may your ministry and that of our highly repected and honoured Daddy G.O. continue in beauty and excellence in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.Amen & Amen .
    With love from us
    Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) J.O Teniola.

  • Helen Iyoha

    Happy Birthday Dearest Mummy.
    We appreciate your love and care towards us your children.
    It is my earnest prayer that God will strengthen and keep you for us and take you to greater heights in Jesus name.

    From Helen Iyoha
    Cross River Province 1

  • Samuel Obunikem

    Happy birthday mummy.. God bless and keep you for us… You are a true example of Virtuous woman. I love you so much mummy

  • Ifeoluwa Adewoye

    Happy Birthday Mummy. I love you❤️

  • Ty Godwin

    Happy Birthday to our mummy
    You are a blessing to us all mummy
    Thank you for all the Labour and sacrifice
    Happy Mummy Day https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9fece2be43640ad81c3586b9dba870eb92b6ad04d3a5098c166540511cc15e0d.jpg

  • olayinka Odogwu

    Happy Birthday Mummy. We wish you
    more of God’s glory and unstoppable joy. The Lord will satisfy you with long life and good health in Jesus name.
    Mummy we love and celebrate you always .

    Pastor Yinka Odogwu & Family

  • Abraham Olaseinde

    Happy birthday to you mummy G. O may Lord continue to be with you and give you strength to carry through all the days of your life, you will not fail God, ase yí ṣamọ̀dun lórúkọ Jésù. Àmín. From RCCG Lesotho , (Jésù ké morena) Parish, meaning Jesus is Lord.

  • Samuel Awobode

    Happy birthday to our Mother-in-Israel ( Mummy GO). A mother of mothers, quintessential of hardwork, humility and a strong support and help meet to our Daddy GO. We pray that you will never know a better yesterday, God will give you long life and good health to enjoy the fruits of your labor over your children and your labor in His Vineyard shall not be in vain. We are glad to be associated with you and also benefited from your act of kindness and magnanimity. Many happy returns of the day. Igba odun odun kan ni. Pst &Pst( Mrs) Samuel Awobode ( PICP Oyo13)

  • Olanike Babalola

    Happy Birthday dear Mummy ???. Excellency, honour, grace and abundant joy continue to flow ceaselessly in your life ma. Your days shall be long and remain fruitful in Jesus name. Amen. Enjoy this day and all your days ma.

  • Margaret Dada

    Happy birthday to you my sweet Mum. You are so wonderful, loving, caring and generous. You are blessed ma. As your age so shall your strength and wisdom in Jesus name. Age gracefully and healthy in Jesus name. Congratulations Mum.

  • Oluwaseun Damilola Ayeni

    Happy Birthday Grandma. May the presence of our God never cease in abiding with you and may He take you to another realm of higher calling. You’ve been a blessing to me, mum, wife and friends. They love you and I love you more Mummy.

  • Samson Oyindamola

    Happy Birthday Ma. I wish you long life and prosperity in good health and every thing God has planned for you ma. You a blessing to this generation….. May you be blessed beyond measures and the host of heavens shall celebrate you ma. Amen

  • Treasure

    Happy Birthday Mummy ,wish you long life and prosperity, may God grant you all your heart desires . You are a blessing to me and my family. May continue strength, guide you and your Family. On the last day ,you will make heaven.
    With love from your daughter
    Meseko Treasure

  • Ajiboye Oyinoluwa

    Happy birthday Grandma, you are a special woman and mummy to us your children you have taught us in the way of the lord and the way of hospitality and love, Today and forever the Lord will overshadow you with his mercy and glory, your strength will not fail you and you will do more exploits for Christ in Jesus name. Congratulations Grandma A!
    with love from your daughter
    Ajiboye Oyinoluwa

  • Adetoun Obinna-Ibe

    Happy birthday ? beloved and blessed mummy…. We celebrate you ? on this very special day….

    Thank you mummy for Fearing God Almighty…..
    Loving Jesus so much…

    Being a wonderful support system to daddy and a reliable helpmate…

    We cherish you♥️ much…..

    Many blessed and peaceful returns of today in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  • Kolade Siyanbola

    Happy birthday Ma. May the grace and presence of God continually abide with you as you press forward in life and in His kingdom’s work.
    The grace to endure to the end shall come upon you afresh in the mighty name of Jesus. You will never look back and together, we shall all reign with Him in eternity.
    Enjoy your day.

  • Araromi Aderike Nike

    Happy birthday to a mummy in millions. God bless your new age ma, anoint you afresh for the service ahead, grant you abundant grace to hold on to Him till you see Him in glory. May God preserve you, keep you, give your health to enjoy your services to Him, give you joy over your children and children’s children both biological and non biological children in Jesus name. I celebrate you ma, but heaven celebrate you more ma.

  • Adeniran Opeyemi

    Happy birthday ma. God bless your new age and make you continue to be relevant in this generation and generations yet to come ma.

  • Amaka Akintayo

    Our sweet and dearly loved mummy, on this your 72 birthday Almighty God will honour you more, protect you, and visit you with a special birthday present, more grace to finish well in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen

  • Rótìmí Oluwatomini

    Happy birthday mummy . May the almighty God grant you and daddy all your heart desires and may God mercies continue to shine on you and I pray that you and daddys anointing will never run dry. God bless you ma. I pray you will have long life and more prosperity.

  • Oluwade Aanuoluwa

    I thank God that He created you. You have been a blessing ma and you are still a blessing. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you ma and your own now and forever more, may you never lose your wonder ma and may the grace to continually follow be yours ma now and forever more in Jesus Mighty Name!!!! Amen❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Toyin Seidu

    Happy Birthday Mummy, Blessed are you among women. More grace and anointing, You will finished well and strong IJN. Many happy returns

  • Ola Bose

    Happy birthday to a great mother, praying mother, friend, sister, Mummy GO. God bless you ma.
    Wish you God’s unending Love, Joy, Favor, Grace, Mercy, Blessings, Good health, Breakthrough, and do much more.
    Age graciously in God’s prefect wealth
    #cheers# ??One love??♥️♥️♥️????????????

  • Igho Christiana Anita Okpomo

    Indeed, mummy like no other! Mummy of all! Her heart is made of transparent gold! Mummy in Israel!
    Very Happy Glorious Birthday, Iya wa! You are more beautiful than the sun and we all rise and call you highly blessed ma! I pray that in your life time, you will see all your prayers for Nigeria answered in Jesus name. Amen! I love you with all my spirit! I shall make you proud in Jesus name. Amen!Sweetness personified!
    Awesomely wonderful!
    Genius of a godly woman!
    Even Daddy G.O is amazed!
    Your children are amazed!
    We are all amazed!
    A very rare gift!
    She is so amazingly creative when it comes to being nice, kind, generous, hospitable, gentle, humble and charitable! God is great!
    I want to be like you when I grow up, but then, children are supposed to be better than their parents, so God help me!
    Thank you and God bless you more and more for being so lovingly submissive to God ma!
    I pray that God will lift you into a much greater dimension that when you are fulfilled here, you will have a place ‘among them that stand by’ in Jesus Almighty name. Amen!
    CONGRATULATIONS RCCG and friends!!!

  • Tunde Pelumi Badejo

    Happy birthday ma. May the Lord God continually decorate your life with grace, strength, joy, peace and honour, LLNP in Jesus name.

  • Taiwo Onamusi

    Happy birthday Mummy, we pray that God will continue to uphold, honour, strengthen, preserve you with long life, sound health and prosperity.
    We, your children in Papua New Guinea call you blessed.

  • Cassidy Nkwocha

    Happy birthday to our Mother in Israel. May the grace of that kept you thus far continue to rest upon for a more gracious and wonderful years ahead. We thank God for your life and your sincere contributions to the health of the church family will be rewarded heavenly in the name of Jesus Christ amen. Congratulations Ma, and enjoy this day to the fullest amen.

  • Okiki Ayo

    Happy birthday mummy???
    God Bless you ma.

  • Gbenga Oyebode

    We Celebrate our Mummy. Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye.

    Our Coach, our Mentor, our Teacher, Partner of our Daddy, a Virtuous Woman indeed, Mother of Nations.

    Mummy, on the Occasion of your Birthday, The Almighty God will satisfy you with long life in Divine health and Divine wealth, you will finish strong in Jesus Name.

    Congratulations and Happy BIRTHDAY ma. We love you Mum.


  • Timson-Toye Emmanuel

    Happy birthday mommy, long life and prosperity to God’s glory in Jesus’ name. If we could give you a million gifts, you are worth more than that seeing the impact you have made in lives of people worldwide to God’s glory! But that which I see as the greatest necessity amongst gifts i give…I pray for more glory, grace, beauty, fresh anointing, wisdom, knowledge, insights, understanding, sharpened vision, strength in your innerman, love for God, love for daddy, and love for your Children, fruits of the Spirit and gifts of the Spirit mom…in all, more of Jesus Christ in you, more and more till you just not overflow but flood the nations with God’s power and anointing! I pray you’ll get to see the vision of RCCG becoming larger than Ibadan City to God’s glory! Keep on shinning and imparting lives for Jesus the more. You are loved. The women of your generation call you blessed ma! Your glory won’t diminish! Keep on growing in grace mommy Foluke Adeboye! We love you! ??‍♂️????‍♀️??‍♀️??????????????

    On behalf of Osun Province 8 teens and coordinators.?

  • Ayinla Solomon

    Happy birthday Mummy, you are precious to our generation, The Lord will strengthen you more than ever before, His grace will multiply in your life, we love you Ma, Happy birthday.

  • Busola Alagbe-Briggs

    Congratulations Mummy for seeing another year. You have been an inspiration in the ministerial work and in the exemplary back up of our Daddy in all the great works of God through him.??
    May God continue to use you mightily unto a very good old age??

  • Solabomi Olatunde

    Congratulations and happy birthday to a mother to millions of children all over the world. Your new year shall be a year of favour and blessings for you and all that is yours. You will enjoy the presence of God like never before thr’out your new year and beyond. The Lord will give you an all round prosperity in every area of your life. I call on the forces of Heaven to release a supernatural and divine turn around upon your life, house, family. Wishing you long life and abundant prosperity full of strength and increase in anointing ma.Congrats Mummy, enjoy your day and have great fun ma.

  • Modupe Ohimain

    Happy birthday mummy GO.
    We celebrate and appreciate you Ma! We pray that grace and peace be multiplied unto you in Jesus mighty name. Good and sound health is your portion in Jesus name. The Lord will daily beautify and clothe you with dignity and excellence in Jesus mighty name. You are blessed beyond measures Ma
    With love from
    Allen and Modupe Ohimain

  • Juliade

    May I use this opportunity to wish our living spiritual legend – who has become pain to the rulers of darkness due to her exploits in the kingdom of Her father – a cheerful Happy Birthday. I bless God for her life that she didn’t go the way of Mrs. Vashti Ahasuerus despite her great feat in the Kingdom business yet she remains supporter of her husband-the preventative of God to people like us. Today, RCCG is what we are witness to because of her unalloyed cooperation and support to daddy GO and the church in general. May the good Lord grant her Long Life in good health in Jesus name.
    Congratulations ma.
    Happy Birthday &
    Many Happy Returns
    Bamike & Julius Adetoro (Pst).
    RCCG, Solution Assembly

  • Bello Ayomide

    Happy birthday to a mother indeed, God bless your new age ma, may you reap the fruit of your labour ma, igba odun ,Odun kan, keep shining and Glowing in the presence of God

  • Olatunji Funmilola

    Happy birthday ??????????? mother…..thank God for the gift of you,thank you ma for modelling a life full of godly virtues and values.We love and celebrate you ma.your path shines brighter ma.your relevance is eternally preserved ma. Your seeds are trophies of Grace.we love you mum❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Omotinuolawa Olowu

    We say a very big ‘Happy Birthday’ to you our dear and beloved Mummy, Mummy G O, a mother of mothers, as you celebrate your 72nd birthday today. We celebrate the grace of God and His faithfulness upon your life Ma. The oil of God upon your head will never run dry Mummy. May your anointing for exploits continue to increase and we pray the Almighty will continually preserve and protect you in Jesus’ name. May you continue to be a blessing to this generation, may you finish well & strong in Jesus’ name, Amen!
    Lots of love from your children,
    Adekunle and Omotinuolawa Olowu & all the Pastors, Ministers, Workers and Brethren of
    RCCG Rehoboth Assembly Qatar

  • Jesukemi

    Happy 72th birthday to my
    mummy pastor Foluke Adeboye. I appreciate and celebrate you ma. You have started well and you will finish well ma in Jesus name. Thank you ma for being you. Loads of love to you,Daddy G.O and yours. Your daughter, Jesukemi Ajiboye. Rccg majesty court of praise, Wembley, under pastor Abioye and Abiodun Segun.

  • Oni Temitope


    Outstanding Wife, Mother of nations, Fervent priest, Excellent administrator, kind hearted, Worthy Role Model, Mentor of Mentors, Bridge builder, Capacity Personified, Hospitality Queen and lots more. MGO, Please take a bow ma, the heavens and earth rejoices over you today and always ma for the exemplary life you have lived and one cannot but to pray for the Grace to finish well and finish strong for you. May your rest days be your best days in Jesus name… Happy birthday Maami, mama rere, mama dáadáa, too humble to a fault, too careful to hurt a fly!


  • Martha I. Iyen

    Happy Birthday, our Beloved Mummy GO. Long life, Divine Health, and more Spiritual/Material Blessings. I pray you enjoy your birthday. And I use this opportunity to pray for all our RCCG Good Women. We shall live long, in Jesus Name. ?

  • Princess Soala Lawson-jack Igh

    Beautiful mama, l join the host of heaven today to pray for you and give thanks to Almighty God for another year. Mother of mothers God bless you in ways beyond measure, you will finish well and strong in Jesus name amen. May your day be filled with joy unspeakable and amazing testimonies to the glory of God, happy 72years mummy love, your best days are still ahead of you ma. Greater grace ma ?

  • Abimbola Diamond

    Happy birthday Mummy ….you are a blessing indeed ma ….lon l life and prosperity Mummy more years you will finish strong God will grant your heart desires

  • Lola Ezra

    Happy birthday mummy, as your days are so shall your strength be in Jesus name. I pray the Lord will bless you with a special birthday token money can’t buy in Jesus name. Enjoy your special day ma. God bless you richly mummy.

  • Idiaghe Nosayaba

    On this auspicious occasion of the celebration of your birth I can only wish you all of Heaven’s best wishes.

    More of God’s grace.
    All round blessings. Increased productivity and more kingdom relevance.

    Thanks for being a mother indeed.
    Keep growing in grace Ma.

    Longevity and more prosperous years ahead.

    Cheers to a better life
    Congratulations Mummy.

    Happy Purposeful Anniversary

  • gbabijo festus

    Thank you mummy for being a big beckon of light to this generation. I can call you a silent general. God bless and keep you for us ma.

  • Precious Enaholo

    Happy birthday mummy in Israel… We love you ma and pray that God will continue to bless and keep you for us in Jesus name amen

  • Ebini Framcis

    Happy birthday to our great mummy. More grace and strength for the rest of the journey ma.

  • segun

    Happy birthday Mummy, we join million of your children world wide to celebrate you and the grace of God in life. Mummy the Almighty God will continues to up hold and strengthen you ma. Congratulations.

  • Olufemi Oyeronke

    Happy birthday to a beautiful and amazing mummy, our lovely Mummy in Israel, a virtuous mother indeed. Mummy, I pray that the Lord will strengthen you and lengthen your days in Jesus name. I love you very much mummy.

  • Olufemi Bukky

    I celebrate a courageous and virtuous woman of God today. You are indeed a mother to all your children. May the rest of your life be filled with joy and light and may the Lord never depart from you. Happy Birthday Mummy.

  • Jude Olisa

    Happy birthday Mummy.
    Thank you for being such an amazing blessing to the whole world and most especially to members of RCCG worldwide. May the goodness of God be upon you, may he grant you good health and divine mercies. Amen.

  • Peter Bashorun

    Happy Birthday Mummy, many more years in good health in Jesus name. As your days so shall be your strength in Jesus name. The LORD will continue to keep, preserve and bless you mightily in Jesus name. You are indeed a blessing to this generation. The LORD will satisfy you with long life and prosperity in Jesus name. Have a blessed day ma and lots of love.
    On behalf of my wife, children and everyone at RCCG Renewal Ground London.

    Pastor Peter Bashorun.

  • abiodun oladapo

    Happy birthday to you mummy, long life and prosperity, blessing shall follow you forever in JESUS NAME.
    More @ https://naijablinks.com/pastor-adeboye-in-a-passionate-kiss-with-wife-to-celebrate-her-72nd-birthday-photos/

  • Kemi Oladosu

    Happy blessing birthday to a loving mother. I pray God will continue to pour out his blessings upon you like never before in Jesus name amen. More anointing and manifold grace in Jesus name amen. We love you mummy.

  • Rosaline Amagre

    Congratulations on your birthday anniversary mummy, mother of mothers. You an inspiration to your generation, it’s my prayer that God will give you the strength to fulfill your assignment here on Earth and the ministry He has called you into , may He give you the strength to finish well and finish strong in Jesus name amen, happy birthday mummy.

  • Abiola Omitola Awofadeju

    Happy Birthday Mummy, I wish you many more glorious years. The lord will continue to uphold you the more, you will not fail and you will not fall. You will continue to wax stronger and stronger in Jesus name. Love you ma.

  • Toba Fabunmi

    Happy Birthday to a mother indeed. We all at RCF FUTA are grateful to God for a rare gem. Happy birthday Mummy.

  • Dapo Oyinloye
  • Kelly esegine

    Happy birthday mummy,God bless you

  • Uche Daniela Okafor

    Happy Birthday my mother in Israel. May the Lord’s face continue to shine upon you.
    Your life, health, family, testimony and glorious end is preserved by the blood of Jesus Christ.
    My family and I celebrate God’s grace in and upon you with loads of love <3

  • Efe Oluwatosin

    Happy birthday mummy. May the Lord continue to bless and uphold you in Jesus name. We celebrate your life. You are a blessing to your generation. We pray that you will finish well and finish strong in Jesus name. Congratulations ma.

  • Olumide Odesanya

    Happy birthday dearest Mummy. We are blessed to have you in our generation. May the Lord keep you strong and healthy ma.

    Watch 7 Lessons for Godly Men from a Virtuous Woman like Mummy G.O; Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye as referenced in the Open Heavens by her beloved husband.

  • Bunmi Macaulay

    Happy birthday Grandma. You are an amazing woman full with virtue. Thank Grandma for all alway been there for us. God bless you ma