Habitation of Hope

The ministries of Pastor Folu Adeboye.

Habitation of Hope was founded by Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye, it was set up with the hope to rescue depressed and destitute boys from the street, transform and empower them and give them the opportunity to develop into self reliance and responsible citizens.

» To reconcile these Street Children back to Christ.

» To improve the quality of life of the lost boys/ Street boys in Nationwide

» To promote the care, well being and development of street boys in Nationwide.

» To provide accommodation, healthcare and education to children and young people of ages 7-18 years in need especially the deprived, destitute and the homeless.

» To provide a holistic support including tuition, housing, healthcare, counselling and a range of vocational training such as shoe making, carpentry, painting, decoration, block making, sewing etc to build self confidence in the boys.

» To totally remove the street children from the nation of Nigeria by reconciling these children back to their family and helping them to settle down in their homes

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