Pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye welcomes you!

Foluke Adenike Adeboye was born on Tuesday 13th July 1948 to the family of Jacob Adelusi Adeyokunnu. It would appear to be that Pa Jacob Adeyokunnu was also the first son of his father from the royal family and lineage in Ijeshaland, the Owa Obokun Oji, thus, Foluke Adeboye is a princess.

Foluke’s father was a teacher and a catechist. He made sure that all his children were raised up as staunch Methodists. He was reported to be a strict disciplinarian. She is the eldest of a family of ten Children.

Pastor Foluke Adenike Adeboye, blessed with rare gifts of administration, planning, hospitality, counseling, mentoring, ministering comfort, care, and encouragement to many, bringing hope, love and succor to the hopeless. Endowed with immense initiative, and great capacity for hard work. A missionary and minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A powerful intercessor, Bible Teacher & role model for lots of women. A pioneer of multiple projects, ministries and missions to the glory of God.
With a passion for planting Christian schools, has made immense contributions to the Nigerian Education sector, coordinating work in the field of Christian Education, by starting a vigorous movement (Christ the Redeemer’s Schools Movement) that has led to the founding of several Christian Educational institutions caring for the educational welfare of children in Nigeria and Internationally.

A dutiful wife, a devoted mother and grandmother, a tireless evangelist, a hospitable and seasoned teacher with passion for excellence at all levels of education.


Today, God will give you of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, people would serve you, and nations would bow to you. Blessings
Open Heavens International Center. owned by Pastor E A Adeboye The job of a Pastor is as delicate as that of a doctor.

Doctors know that they have to be at their best at all times, that a slight mistake from them can be irredeemable as a life might be ...
RT @buckysteve: @PastorFAAdeboye @PastorEAAdeboye I am grateful for the grace to be a child God.I Also appreciate His love for me and my fa…
RT @adetunji_modupe: @PastorFAAdeboye @PastorEAAdeboye I am grateful for life and the salvation of my soul.
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1. gift of life &Salvatn of my soul 2. D indwellin presence &Baptism in d…
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RT @rccgabundantgc1: @PastorFAAdeboye @PastorEAAdeboye For He saves us by His grace and mercy through our Lord Jesus Christ.
RT @Larrykem1: @PastorFAAdeboye @PastorEAAdeboye I am grateful to God for His immeasurable love and faithfulness to me and my family. It c…
‪I am grateful for the gift of life, my beautiful family and my darling husband. What are you grateful for?‬
#ThanksgivingTuesday #PropheticPraise
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